How long is ISO 50001 certification valid?

In the U.S. ISO 50001 certification along with SEP certification is valid for three years as long as annual surveillance audits are completed by the SEP Verification Body that was chosen by the plant/company that achieved certification. In addition, for SEP, the plant must continue to meet the SEP program requirements. To ensure that ISO 50001 and SEP certification continue beyond the three-year certification period, plants must apply for recertification to the SEP Administrator (currently the U.S. DOE) at least six months prior to the expiration of the existing SEP certification. There is a separate recertification application that must be filled out to begin the process.

In Europe, ISO 50001 certification is also valid for three years upon successful accomplishment of the stage two certification audit. The outside certification auditor will remain in contact with the certified facility during this time and will visit it regularly to ensure conformance and that the plant makes efforts to continuously improve their energy performance. While this may seem intrusive, it is intended to facilitate the recertification process.