What are the requirements for linking an underground section to an overground section? How much land is required? How easily can this be camouflaged from view?

The size of the transition/sealing end compound would depend to some extent on the number of cables, but if two circuits of three cables are used, the analogy is more like a “tennis court”; if four cables are used the analogy is more like a “football field”. If the transition compound is placed in a woodland area, it can be easily camouflaged from view. In Denmark, for example, the compounds had to be camouflaged through tree and shrub planting. Today, the transition of a 275 kV line can be housed directly on the last tower and, it may be that in the near future the same transition will be available at 400 kV. In a recent CIGRE paper into 400kV cables in rural areas, the 6 transition compounds were approximately 50x80 metres. These were designed to accommodate two double cable circuits.