What standards are in place?

The following list is a selection of key standards that are applicable to diesel generators:




ISO 8528

Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets


Standard Criteria for Diesel Generator Units as standby power supplies

IEC 60034

Rotating Electrical Machines

Energy Networks Association - G59

Recommendations for the Connection of Generating Plant to the Distribution Systems of Licensed Distribution Network Operators

Energy Network Association - G83

Recommendations for the Connection of Type Tested Small-scale Embedded Generators (up to 16A per phase) in Parallel with Low-Voltage Distribution Systems

Where paralleling with the grid there will also be local grid codes and standards (such as G59 and G83 above for the UK) that must be adhered to in order to satisfy the local network operator. These will relate primarily to the power quality and protection systems covering the generator and its impact on to the grid system.

The main emissions from generators are Nitrous oxides, unburnt hydrocarbons, soot and Carbon monoxide, which should be checked for compliance with national and local regulations.