What level of maintenance is needed?

In order to maintain the diesel generator in good working condition throughout its lifetime, a preventative maintenance regime should be implemented either by the manufacturer or suitably qualified maintenance provider. The preventative maintenance regime should be based on manufacturer’s recommendations and will typically include inspection, testing and fitting of any replacement parts.

The maintenance schedule should consider inclusion of the following items:

  • Visual inspections of all systems
  • Engine operational testing
  • Oil level checks
  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Starting battery checks
  • Fuel level checks and refilling
  • Cooling system checks
  • Electrical system checks

Typically visual inspections will be carried out on a weekly basis with operation tests and minor checks, such as oil level, carried out on a monthly basis. Larger checks and oil/filter replacements will take place on 6-12 monthly rotas. Precise requirement and frequency of maintenance operations will be subject to the generator running time, with more regular maintenance required when the generator is in use on a frequent basis.