Is there any special equipment required to do an energy audit?

Answer by Helen Santalla (Creara)

Some metering devices are required for the energy audit depending on the type of audit performed. The level of detail of the analysis determines the measuring equipment needed.

Listed below is a list of metering equipment usually used in energy audits. Not all of these devices are used in every audit but they provide extra information on the facility which can be useful for further analysis.

  • Thermal imaging camera: this equipment is very helpful for locating air leakage, moisture issues, thermal bridging or insulation irregularities. These cameras are useful in demonstrating temperature differences between two surfaces, so the auditor can determine inefficiencies in the installation.
  • Lux meter: a lux meter is a device for measuring illuminance, which is the intensity of brightness as perceived by the human eye. This is different to measuring the actual light produced by, or reflected from, an object or light source. This equipment provides information about the level of light in a room, so the auditor can compare it with the one recommended by standards.
  • Power analyzer: this equipment provides information about electric parameters, such as current, voltage and power factor, so it measures the electrical consumption of a piece or a set of equipment. With this information the auditor can analyze the electrical consumption profile of the facility.
  • Combustion analyzer: the combustion analyzer tests the efficiency of heating and hot water systems. This device measures the amount of CO2 and CO gases, so the efficiency of the combustion can be calculated. There can be some regulations about this type of measurement so, in most cases, this information can be provided by the maintenance personnel.
  • Digital camera: a digital camera is essential to take pictures of any relevant item in the facility identified during the visit. Photographs of equipment or areas where we have identified potential energy saving measures are very important. The auditor usually includes these pictures in the energy audit report.

In addition to the equipment described above, the following other devices may be useful to conduct an audit:

  • Clamp Ampmeter
  • Thermometer
  • Humidity meter
  • Glass analyzer
  • CO2 meter