[TN26-1] The Brasses – Nickel Brass and Nickel Silver – Technical Data (Archive)

Publication date: 1968-72

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These archived data sheets, prepared by the International Copper Development Council (CIDEC), were originally published in a series covering all the main coppers and copper alloys during the period 1968-72.

They contain an invaluable summary of data relating to the physical and mechanical properties of the materials at low, ambient and elevated temperatures which is not available elsewhere.

Tensile, hardness, impact, creep and fatigue data have been abstracted from the relevant original literature. For the sake of accuracy, it is presented in bold type in the units in which it was originally published, together with lighter type equivalents in corresponding units.

Copper-zinc Alloys: Brasses

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ISO Designation
Material  Old BS  Designation  EN Designation
Data Sheet No
CuZn5  95/5 brass  CZ 125 CW500L Data Sheet D1
CuZn10 90/10 brass  CZ 101  CW501L Data Sheet D2
CuZn15 85/15 brass  CZ 102  CW502L Data Sheet D3 
CuZn20 80/20 brass  CZ 103  CW503L Data Sheet D4 
CuZn28 72/28 brass  –  CW504L Data Sheet D5
CuZn30 70/30 brass  CZ 106  CW505L Data Sheet D5 
CuZn33 67/33 brass  CZ 107  CW507L Data Sheet D6
CuZn37 63/37 brass  CZ 108  CW508L Data Sheet D7 
CuZn40 60/40 brass  CZ 109  CW509L Data Sheet D8 


Copper-zinc-lead Alloys (Leaded Brasses)

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ISO Designation
Material Old BS Designation EN Designation
Data Sheet No
CuZn9Pb2 89% copper, 2% lead No longer available No longer available Data Sheet E1
CuZn34Pb1 65% copper, 1% lead CZ 118 CW600N Data Sheet E2
CuZn36Pb2 62% copper, 2% lead CZ 119/CZ 131  CW606N Data Sheet E3
CuZn36Pb3 61% copper, 3% lead CZ 124 CW603N Data Sheet E4
CuZn38Pb1 61% copper, 1% lead CW607N Data Sheet E5
CuZn40Pb 60% copper, 0.5% lead CZ 123 CW610N Data Sheet E6
CuZn39Pb2 59% copper, 2% lead CZ 120 CW612N Data Sheet E7
CuZn40Pb2 60% copper, 2% lead CZ 122 CW617N Data Sheet E7
CuZn40Pb3 57% copper, 3% lead CZ 121 CW614N Data Sheet E8
CuZn43Pb1 56% copper, 1% lead CW622N Data Sheet E9


Special Copper-zinc Alloys – Special Brasses

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ISO Designation Material Old BS Designation EN Designation  Data Sheet No
CuZn20Al2 Aluminium brass CZ110 CW702R Data Sheet F1
CuZn28Sn1 Admiralty brass CZ111 CW706R Data Sheet F2
CuZn38Sn1 Naval brass CZ112 CW712R Data Sheet F3
CuZn30As Arsenical brass CZ105 CW707R Data Sheet D5


Copper-nickel-zinc Alloys (Nickel Silvers)

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 ISO Designation  Material Old BS Designation EN Designation Data Sheet No
CuNi10Zn27  10% nickel silver  NS103  CW401J Data Sheet L1
CuNi12Zn24  12% nickel silver  NS104  CW403J Data Sheet L2
CuNi15Zn21  15% nickel silver  NS105 No longer available Data Sheet L3
CuNi18Zn20  18% nickel silver  NS106  CW409J Data Sheet L4
CuNi18Zn27  18% nickel silver  NS107  CW410J Data Sheet L5


Copper-nickel-zinc-Lead Alloys (Leaded Nickel Silvers)

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ISO Designation Material Old BS Designation EN Designation Data Sheet No
CuNi10Zn42Pb2  Leaded 10% nickel brass NS101  CW402J Data Sheet M1
CuNi18Zn19Pb1  Leaded 18% nickel brass NS113  CW408J Data Sheet M2