[TN27] High Conductivity Coppers - Technical Data (Archive)

Publication date: 1968-72

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These archived data sheets, prepared by the International Copper Development Council (CIDEC), were originally published in a series covering all the main coppers and copper alloys during the period 1968-72.

They contain an invaluable summary of data relating to the physical and mechanical properties of the materials at low, ambient and elevated temperatures which is not available elsewhere.

Tensile, hardness, impact, creep and fatigue data have been abstracted from the relevant original literature.

These sheets provide information relating to the wrought coppers, low alloyed coppers and high copper alloys. Information on the binary and leaded brasses is contained in publication TN26.


Due to increasing demand from engineering designers and others for this type of information in readily accessible form, the decision was made to reprint the data sheets in bound form.

The first book provided information relating to the brasses and this second book covered the coppers in high conductivity copper alloys. Since the original editorial facilities are no longer available, it has not been possible to update the information given. Generally it will be found still valid.

For information updating the national and ISO specifications quoted for manufactured forms, please refer to national standards organisations.

Wrought Materials – Coppers

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ISO Designation Material  Old BS  Designation  EN Designation  Data Sheet No
Cu-ETP Electrolytic tough-pitch copper C101 CW004A Data sheet A1
Cu-FRHC Fire-refined tough-pitch high-conductivity copper C102 CW005A Data sheet A2
Cu-FRTP Fire-refined tough-pitch copper C104 CW006A Data sheet A3
Cu-OF Oxygen-free copper C103 CW008A Data sheet A4
Cu-DLP Phosphorus-deoxidised copper (low residual phosphorus) CW023A Data sheet A5
Cu-DHP Phosphorus-deoxidised copper (high residual phosphorus) CW024A Data sheet A6


Wrought Materials – Low-Alloyed Coppers

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ISO Designation Material  Old BS  Designation  EN Designation  Data Sheet No
Cu-DPA Phosphorus-deoxidised arsenical copper C107 Not made Data Sheet B1
Cu-LSTP Silver-bearing tough-pitch copper (low silver CW011A
Data Sheet B2
Cu-OFS Silver-bearing oxygen-free copper CW017A
Data Sheet B3
Cu S Copper-sulphur C111 CW114C Data Sheet B4
Cu Te Copper-tellurium C109 CW118C Data Sheet B5


Wrought Materials – High Copper Alloys (96-99% Cu)

>> Download High Copper Alloys datasheets C1-C8

ISO Designation
Material       Old BS  Designation     EN Designation
Data Sheet No
CuCd Copper-cadmium C108 CW130C
Data Sheet C1
CuCdSn Copper-cadmium-tin Not made Data Sheet C2
CuCr Copper-chromium CC101 CW105C Data Sheet C3
CuBe1.7CoNi Copper-beryllium (1.7% Be) CB101 CW100C Data Sheet C4
Cu Be2 Co Ni Copper-beryllium (2% Be) CW101C Data Sheet C5
CuCo2Be Copper-cobalt-beryllium  C112 CW104C Data Sheet C6
(Trade name:
‘Colsibro’ Columbia)
Copper-nickel-silicon  BSB25
Aerospace Series
Data Sheet C7
CuSi3Mn1 Copper-silicon-manganese CS101  CW116C Data Sheet C8