[Pub098] Joining of Copper and Copper Alloys

Author: Lou Brown

Publication date: 1994

© European Copper Institute

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Suitability of the many methods now available for the jointing of copper and copper alloys with details of filler materials and recommendations for good joining practice.

This handbook, which is an update of the previous CDA publication of the same title (TN25), gives guidance on the selection of the most suitable process for joining copper or copper alloy components. It is written for designers and manufacturers who have to consider the most cost-effective way of producing structures, machines and articles which involves the joining of subsidiary parts to make the complete product.

The sections on individual processes are necessarily brief and for full information on any individual process and its necessary procedures, advantage should be taken of the references provided. In this respect the importance of the Welding Institute (TWI), as the internationally accepted leader in adhesive bonding, soldering, brazing and welding research and technology is emphasised.