Materials for Electric Busways

Busbars, busducts, and busways using copper conductors have several advantages compared to their counterparts fabricated from other materials.

The main advantages of copper arise from its high electric conductivity (low electric resistance). These characteristics make it possible to create busways with the same current carrying capacity but that are smaller and/or more energy efficient.

In addition, the use of copper results in highly durable connections that can resist strong mechanical forces.

Cost of the conductor should not be the only consideration when evaluating the cost of a busway. The cost of the mechanical support systems, the energy losses over the lifetime of the installation, and the scrap value of the material at its end-of-life must all be taken into consideration in order to gain an accurate picture. When this is done, it becomes clear that the initial price of copper has only a minor influence on the total life cycle cost of the busway.