How well are SMEs implementing Energy Management practices?

Energy Management: adoption among SMEs

Results of an online survey in the EU

In the context of the next revision of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (particularly Article 8 on energy audits and energy management systems), Europe wants to develop programmes that encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to implement energy efficiency measures and further explore their potential towards energy savings.

This survey by the European Copper Institute identifies issues SMEs are facing when implementing energy audits and energy management systems, and maps the benefits and barriers they perceive.

These findings are based on an online survey sent to over 300 individual SME companies across several industrial sectors (metals, electronics, automotive, chemical, food, textile, etc.) and countries, with the help of pan-EU industry sector associations, industrial networks and their respective national member associations or partners, plus some regional SME organizations and ESCOs who were asked to forward the questionnaire to relevant companies.

The online survey link was open between November 2020 and March 2021. The overall response rate was lower than expected – probably due to the Covid-19 situation and the many other priorities these businesses had to deal with to survive.

Hence, nota bene: these findings are based on a sample of n=25 and rather of qualitative nature than high statistical evidence, however they show sound directions and highlight relevant issues for further considerations at governments who want to make their industrial EE policy a success and better engage SMEs.