[Cu0274] A review of systems approaches in Ecodesign and Energy Labelling (report)

Author: Fiona Brocklehurst, Ballarat Consulting

Published March 2021

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It is widely recognised that there are substantial energy savings to be made from considering an energy system – how products are combined and operated – in addition to those from each product.

Recent ecodesign and energy label regulations and the ecodesign and energy label working plan which is currently in development are not adopting these approaches. Through this report, the European Copper Institute wishes to understand why this is and if there is evidence to support challenging this omission. This research looks into the experience with developing system related ecodesign and energy labelling regulations to date.

The review looks at nine concrete studies:

  1. Walk-in cold rooms
  2. Heating systems
  3. Lighting systems
  4. "points system" approach
  5. Pumps
  6. Heater and water heater package
  7. Solar photovoltaics
  8. Building automation and controls
  9. Power cables

The review identifies the following strong points in favour of systems thinking:

  • Greater energy savings potential from systems
  • Industry support
  • Job growth
  • Enabling Member State support schemes or grants
  • Same approach across all Member States in the internal market

Based on the analysis, the review suggests the following solutions:

  • The need for a system measurement standard or transition methodology
  • The need for a consistent methodology/tool to calculate system efficiency
  • The need for easy access by installers to component data
  • The change in placing responsibility for compliance from the manufacturer/supplier to the installer
  • Market surveillance issues