[EA12] Let’s get to ‘work’: the zero-carbon energy transition

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How to get away from fossil fuel imports weighs heavily on the minds of European policymakers. Voices from many different sectors are calling for an accelerated transition to clean energy. Now is the time to be innovative; so what role do renewable energy sources and electrification play in the move to net zero?

Leonardo Energy and RAP are delighted to welcome Professor Nick Eyre from the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute to share his groundbreaking work that challenges how we think about the transition to non-fossil fuels. He will explain:

  • The powerful shift from heat-producing to work-producing energy sources, such as wind and solar.
  • Why this shift enables us to use energy much more efficiently.
  • The longer-term issues with difficult-to-electrify applications.
  • The regulations and policy needed to pave the way to this transition.


Nick Eyre, CREDS




Further reading

The ideas for this webinar will be largely based on a recent paper "From using heat to using work: reconceptualising the zero carbon energy transition" published in Open Access - https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12053-021-09982-9 


Last update: April 27, 2022