[EA4] Electricity Supply Systems of the Future

In this recorded webinar, the editors of the Green Book on the “Electricity Supply Systems of the Future” described their long journey to summarize the collective knowledge acquired in CIGRE Study Committees. This journey can never be over, as visions become realities or become obsolete and new challenges and developments unavoidably appear. Nevertheless, the Green Book provides CIGRE’s unique and unbiased technical views for the current and future state of electricity supply systems. It also shows the value of global collaborative work of numerous experts from industry and academia mobilized within the CIGRE community. CIGRE is the foremost authority for end-to-end power system expertise.

Date & time

March 23, 2021 - 16h00 - 17h30


  • Nikos Hatziargyriou, NTUA, CIGRE
  • Iony Patriota de Siqueira, Tecnix Engineering & Architecture, CIGRE




Further resources

The book "Electricity Supply Systems of the Future" on the Springer website

Questions received during the webinar

[1] when you look at where the technologies are taking us, what are possible jobs that will be required in the future?

[2] Do you see a role for Hydrogen as an energy storage medium or for the export of energy to other countries?

[3] What kind of new contents need to be teached in the new electrical engineer curriculum to work in this future energy grid ?

[4] Electrification is based on economic feasibilty for urbanised area's in the world. What is the future for uneconomic solutions in rural area's like islands, weak grids and isolated microgrids?

[5] Would more lithium extration not have more environmental impacts for battery storage?

[6] Why neucliar energy production not considered ?

[7] What about redox batterie development in near time? Bengt Härdin ,bengt.hardin@gmail.com

[8] thanks for your presentation..In what immediate aspects does the pandemic affect the scenario of the energy sector in the short term?

[9] How can new players like Google, Amazon, etc... disrupt the Energy System as we know it?

[10] In a really futuristic system (:-) ) can we envisage a system where the concept of frequency disappears (and the inertia problems as well), in particular in the view of increased DC (HV and MV/LV) in the system?

[11] The thermal energy that is from fuels, coal will definitely take aback seat. The future sustainable energy is from solar for some countries, hydral for some countries, neucliar energy for some countries.

[12] All the present energy storage's are low wattage ones, are there big storage tanks?

[13] Sir with climate impact hydro generation would face uphill challenges sooner than later. in that case supporting inertia can be obtained from which area of sustainable energy sources.

[14] Thank you, so much excellent material. Please consider further, less concentrated presentations where the analysis can be covered in more detail.

[15] Very interesting presentation! It would be good to have acsess to it, if it's possible. Also we could foresee that the interaction of so many components (some of them new) will trace yet unknown pictures of the energy system. What do you think? 

[16] we often come across bleeps of energy transmission without wire. recently new Zealand experiment was on news. what is your take on scale of wireless transmission of energy in next three decades.,

[17] Please do not forget to educate engineers also for the hardware of the grid, in other words who is going to build Transmission Lines and such?

[18] are the [existing] measurement systems (low reporting rates, embedded filtering, low dynamics due to the assumption of ""steady state operation"" etc.) coping with the emerging power system challenges? If not, who should formulate the new requirements for instrumentation, especially in case of multi-energy systems?

[19] THere has been a lot of finger-pointing in the aftermath of the recent black-out in Texas ( system cost of some billions $) directed towards regulator , grid operator, renewables, power generators, government, ... What is your point of view ? Any insights ?