[UsersTCP19] Encouraging Heat pump Adoption in Ireland: Insights from Behavioural Economics

In this short talk, Karl Purcell, the program manager of the Behavioural Economics unit at the SEAI, outlines the heat pump adoption customer journey and highlights the barriers and drivers to uptake at each stage. The presentation concludes with some recommendations for policymakers looking to encourage further heat pump adoption.

The webinar is based on a recent paper reviewing evidence from previous studies and pilots to identify successful strategies for maximising the adoption of heat pumps and the savings realised from their adoption. The aims and objectives of this paper were to:

  • Identify the barriers and drivers to heat pump adoption at each part of the adoption lifecycle;
  • Identify factors that influence the realisation of the potential savings from heat pump adoption in Ireland; and
  • Identify potential strategies for increasing heat pump adoption in Ireland and realising higher operational efficiency


Karl Purcell, SEAI




Background information

Heat-Pump-Adoption.-Maximising-Savings..pdf (seai.ie)


Last update: June 23, 2021