[UsersTCP34] Taking the burn out of heating for low-income households

In this session, Louise Sunderland of the Regulatory Assistance Project presents a recently published paper on the steps needed to ensure the transition to clean heating and the phase out of fossil fuel boilers, which is accelerating in some European member states, does not disadvantage lower income households.

The presentation will include a brief assessment of the economics and affordability of switching from heating with a fossil fuel boiler to heating with a heat pump for low income households. Beyond the simple economics of the technology switch, the session will also explore some of the other changes needed to ensure that clean, electrified heating is not only affordable but desirable for lower income households. These include physical changes to homes to combine optimal levels of energy efficiency with or before the heating switch, changes to energy pricing to make electrification affordable and changes to the tariffs and services through which we purchase heat and that guide the way we use energy.


Louise Sunderland, Regulatory Assistance Project




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Last update: January 18, 2023