[EA2] Smart charging puts the pedal to the metal on e-mobility

Smart charging represents the intersection where decarbonising power and electrifying transport meet. It creates a crucial building block for a sustainable energy system to power electric cars through solar and wind energy. Encouraging consumers to shift electric vehicle charging to hours when the power system is not under stress generates benefits for the grid, the environment and all electricity customers.

Leonardo Energy and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) invite you to the next installment of their Electrification Academy webinar series. Join Frank Geerts of ElaadNL and Michael Hogan of RAP to explore:

  • Smart charging: What it is and why it’s necessary.
  • Various options and best practices to boost the use of smart charging.
  • Rolling out smart charging in Europe to accelerate the uptake of electric mobility.


  • Michael Hogan, RAP
  • Frank Geerts, ElaadNL





Last update: November 23, 2021