[CuAcad15] Non-Ferrous Metals for a Sustainable Future … and the important Role of Copper

Following the release of his new book on “Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals”, Dr. Langner, former Aurubis executive with decades of expertise in copper, will present his viewpoint on the significance of non-ferrous metals (NFM) and copper for a sustainable future at the Copper Academy's 15th webinar. Dr Langner is also the author of an earlier book on “Understanding Copper” that serves as a reference work for the industry.

The webinar will first set the stage to explain where NFMs are utilized in energy transition technologies and what performance advantages they offer through their properties. Energy systems are made to function efficiently and have a long service life thanks to the conductivity, corrosion resistance, and material strength of NFMs. Because of the energy transition, the demand for NFMs is anticipated to rise significantly and besides more mining capacity, recycling becomes increasingly important for certain metals.  A third theme of the webinar will be a focus on recycling and the unique function of copper in comparison to other metals.


Bernd Langner, Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals & Understanding Copper




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Last update: January 18, 2023